Welcome Friends!  

My name is Melaine I am a Catholic homeschooling Mama to four kiddos (with one more baby on the way)!  My husband and I are raising our children on a little homestead in the middle of farm country.  Our family culture is built around prayer, good quality books, and working with our hands.

Before I decided to stay home with my children full-time, I was a Kindergarten and 2nd grade teacher.  I love to observe how kids relate to their world and you will often find a child development book on my nightstand.  And... if we are being honest, you will probably find 5-10 other books there too.  

I love to cook nourishing meals for my family.  (Bonus points if the veggies come from our garden!)  My passion for health and wellness started when my oldest son was 2.  He was having digestive issues that were not being resolved by our repeated visits to the pediatrician. I started diving into research about gut health and we were able to correct his issues on our own by making a few lifestyle changes.  He has been symptom-free for five years and I'm having so much fun learning about the holistic lifestyle!

I love to encourage and empower other moms to be advocates for the health and education of their children. 
I’m so glad that you’ve decided to stop by!  

Contact me if you are ready to be plugged into our private group where we share practical tips about creating a home where peace and love abide.  We share healthy recipes you can easily whip up in the kitchen, practical ways you can support the health of your family, book lists that nourish the mind and soul, and we support each other with homeschooling.  It's a safe place to ask questions and to meet other women who are on a similar journey.

I can’t wait to chat! 

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