Homemade Beeswax Candles

There is a hush in the air every time we strike a match.  When the little flame appears,  the mood shifts and tiny bodies start to quiet down. Our school day always begins with a candle and a prayer.  Our evenings often end with a candle and a prayer.  When there is a flame, my people know it is time to settle in and soak up the important message.  

Unfortunately candles often come with a price.  Synthetic fragrances cause hormone disruption and lead to respiratory issues.  Wicks are often filled with lead and other carcinogens. 

Homemade beeswax candles offer light and ambiance without additives.  Beeswax has a subtle honey scent that is pleasant for any room in the house.  Adding spices can shift the aroma and add a pop of color.

5 tsp ground cinnamon (optional)
5 tsp ground cloves (optional)
Hot glue gun/glue
Double boiler or glass jar for melting

Use the hot glue gun to glue the wicks to the bottom of the jars.  (A popsicle stick or plastic spoon can be helpful to move it into place).

Melt the beeswax in your double boiler on the stove or in a large glass jar in the microwave.  (Beeswax is very hard to remove, so use a glass jar you aren't attached to).  If microwaving, microwave for one minute at a time and take out to stir with a popsicle stick.  Repeat until beeswax is a liquid.

Once the beeswax is liquid, stir in the coconut oil and spices if you plan to use them.  Lay down parchment paper or newspaper over your workspace.  I got beeswax on my countertop and it is very difficult to remove! Place the jars on top of the parchment paper.

Pour the liquid beeswax mixture into the jars.  Immediately after pouring, wipe down your double boiler/glass jar with a paper towel to remove the remaining beeswax.  If it hardens before you can remove it, reheat your container until the beeswax becomes liquid again and immediately wipe it out.  Once it hardens, it is very difficult to clean.

Position the wicks in the candles so they will harden in the middle. Allow the wax to cool completely before you move the jars.  Trim the wicks to your desired height.  

The fist time you light your candle, plan to keep it lit for at least 2-3 hours so the entire surface can melt to prevent tunneling.

A fun alternative is to roll beeswax sheets to make taper candles!  My kiddos loved doing this!  We used these kits and we have this taper candle holder in the middle of our kitchen table.

Have you made homemade beeswax candles?  Do you have any tips or tricks?

Foaming Hand Soap

Foaming Hand Soap

-Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser
-Distilled water
-2 Tbsp of Liquid Castile Soap
-1 tsp of Olive oil
-10 drops of
Essential oil

Fill soap dispenser with water until it is 2 inches from the top. Add essential oil, olive oil and then add Castile Soap. Do not add soap first because it will cause a lot of bubbles when the water is added.

Our favorite oils for our foaming hand soap:  Christmas Spirit, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Thieves, Cinnamon Bark, and Clove.

How to Limit Exposure to Pesticides on Food

It is just the norm now to walk into the grocery store and expect our food to be covered with something.  Grapes are among the top pesticide containing foods. They have been on the Dirty Dozen list for years!   

Because grapes, apples, strawberries, spinach, and kale are so popular, they are finding ways to mass produce them and they are making them resilient by spraying them with poison. 

We can't be ok with this!  Our food contains neurotoxic pesticides that can harm the brain of a developing fetus and pesticides that are classified as probable human carcinogens.  (A carcinogen is a substance that causes cancer). 

A recent study actually found a surprising association between the consumption of foods high in pesticide residue and fertility problems in the participants.  (Source) 

How can we limit our exposure to pesticides?

1.  Avoid produce on the Dirty Dozen list and shop from the Clean Fifteen.

The Dirty Dozen list is a helpful guide of the top 12 fruits and veggies that contain the most pesticides.  If you want to start somewhere, these are the foods you should try to purchase in the Organic section of the store if it is possible with your budget.  


  1. Strawberries
  2. Spinach
  3. Kale
  4. Nectarines
  5. Apples
  6. Grapes
  7. Peaches
  8. Cherries
  9.  Pears
  10. Tomatoes
  11. Celery
  12. Potatoes

The Clean Fifteen is a list of the fruits and veggies that contain the least amount of pesticides, so these would be fine to purchase from the conventional list if Organic isn't in your budget! 


  1. Avocados
  2. Sweet corn
  3. Pineapples
  4. Frozen sweet peas
  5. Onions
  6. Papayas
  7. Eggplants
  8. Asparagus
  9. Kiwis
  10. Cabbages
  11. Cauliflower
  12. Cantaloupes
  13. Broccoli
  14. Mushrooms
  15. Honeydew melons

2.  Grow your own food or shop locally at a Farmer's Market.
It is so cost effective to grow your own produce and if you don't have a large plot of land you can easily do it in a pot on the patio!  It's actually soothing for the soul if you spend a little time in the dirt every day.  If you don't have the time (or patience) to grow your own food, check out your local Farmer's Market.  Many of the local gardeners limit their use of pesticides and you can find locally grown Organic produce for a reasonable price!  Shopping locally will also ensure that your vegetables have a wonderful nutritional profile because they have been picked at the peak of perfection instead of being picked prematurely to be shipped from another country. 

3.  Wash ALL of your produce- even if it is Organic.
Washing produce can greatly reduce our exposure to pesticides.  Parasites and bacteria also live in the soil where our produce is grown so by washing it you are reducing your exposure to unwanted critters. My favorite fruit & veggie soak contains a powerful essential oil blend that targets the crud. Organic produce is grown without being sprayed by as many toxins, but it can definitely become contaminated during transit so it should be washed as well.

What is your system for washing produce?  Do you do it right when you get home?  Right before you use it?  

Easy DIY Household Cleaners

Ahh!  There is nothing better than a clean kitchen!  The reason I started using essential oils was to mix up my own household cleaners.  I wanted to reduce our exposure to toxic chemicals as much as possible.  I was tired of getting bloody noses when I cleaned the bathroom, and I didn’t want to worry if my children got into the cabinet under the kitchen sink.  I’ve found that the homemade versions work just as well as conventional cleaners and they don’t leave me lightheaded when I’m finished using them!

Some reminders when mixing your own cleaning products.

 1. Essential oils are very potent and can break down plastic so it is best to use
 glass spray bottles if you are cleaning with essential oils.

2. It is best to use distilled water when mixing up your own cleaning supplies. Tap water contains bacteria and can grow icky things if it is sitting in a bottle for a while.

3. Give your spray bottles a shake before using to help disperse the oil into the water.

Here are some of my favorite household cleaning recipes.

 All Purpose Cleaner

 Fill a
 glass spray bottle 2/3 of the way with white vinegar and 1/3 of the way with distilled water. Add 20 drops of 
Lemon essential oil. Great to use for stove tops and stainless steel appliances. Add 10 drops of Thieves or Purification essential oils for an extra boost.

Carpet Deodorizer
 Add ½ a cup of baking soda to a bowl. Add 6 drops of
Purification essential oil. Mix with a spoon until the essential oils are evenly dispersed. Sprinkle liberally over the carpet and let it sit for 20 min. Vacuum up the baking soda and enjoy the fresh smell of your carpet! You may want to double this recipe for a larger carpet.

Dryer Balls
If you are looking to ditch the toxic dryer sheets, wool dryer balls are a great alternative. I love to add 6 drops of essential oils to one of the balls for a fresh smelling load of laundry. You can add any essential oil you would like. Lemongrass is my favorite!

Glass Cleaner
1 cup of Distilled Water
1 cup of White Vinegar
 16 drops of
Lemon essential oil

Combine all ingredients in a
glass spray bottle. Shake to disperse the oils before each use.

Kitchen Sink Scrub
You will Need:
1 glass jar
2 cups of baking soda
 10 drops of
Lemon essential oil
 10 drops of
Thieves essential oil

Pour all of the ingredients into the jar and mix together.

 When it’s time to use it, sprinkle the mixture all over the sink and let it sit for a minute. Add 1 tsp of
Castile Soap (or dish soap) and scrub all over with a brush and rinse it down.

Bathroom Tile Scrub
1 cup of Baking soda
1/4 cup of
Thieves Household Cleaner
 10 drops of
Lemon essential oil

Mix all of the ingredients together in a small bowl or jar until it forms a paste. Scrub the paste over the tile and allow to sit for a few minutes. Rinse off.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner
1 capful of
Thieves Household Cleaner
Baking Soda

Sprinkle Baking Soda around the inside of the toilet. Add capful of Thieves Household cleaner and scrub with toilet brush. Easy peasy!

Do you have any favorite cleaning recipes you’d like to share?  Leave a comment below!

Linen Spray

While I am calling these Linen Sprays, they can actually be used for so many things! Spray on couches, your pillow at bedtime, spritz your hair, spray on your clothes, spray in the bathroom, etc.. The possibilities are endless! 


These recipes are for 2oz glass spray bottles.  Add the essential oils, and a splash of witch hazel or a pinch of Himalayan salt, and fill the bottle with water.  Shake before you spray.  ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
5 drops Lavender
5 drops Cedarwood
5 drops Orange
2 drops Peace & Calming
3 drops Lavender
4 drops Pine
2 drops Cypress
1 drop Spearmint
5 drops Bergamot
5 drops Lime
3 drops Lemon
3 drops Grapefruit
4 drops Geranium
6 drops Lavender
5 drops Orange
4 drops Lavender
5 drops Lime
3 drops Spearmint
2 drops Stress Away
3 drops Cedarwood
3 drops Lavender
4 drops Tangerine
2 drops Northern Lights Black Spruce
Do you make up Linen/Room Sprays for your home? What are your favorite combos?!