Yay!  Your oils and diffuser have arrived!  If you find yourself itching to make a few DIY recipes but aren't sure where to find supplies, I've got you covered! 

Here is a list of all of my favorite places to find oily supplies! 

Aloe Vera Gel We use this to make our after-sun spray, hand purifier and a ton of DIY recipes.  

Castile Soap We use this to make foaming hand soap, bubble bath, and body wash.  We only use 1-2 Tbsp at a time so a little bit goes a long way! This bottle lasts forever.  It is unscented so we customize the scent with our essential oils. 

Coconut Oil  This is our favorite carrier oil.  I love the pump top.  If I want to dilute an oil I just put on one of my kiddos I can squirt Coconut Oil right on their skin.  This is also the carrier oil we use in our Rollers. 

Double Boiler Pot This is not a necessary kitchen gadget, but it is helpful when you are melting ingredients.  You can also use a glass Pyrex bowl and set it in your pot.

Essential Oil Bags These adorable bags keep your oils organized.  Toss one in your purse and you will have everything you need! 

Glass Foaming Hand Soap Dispensers I've used these foaming dispensers for 6 years and they are still holding up!  I also toss one of these in the shower for foaming body wash.

Jojoba Oil This is our favorite oil to use for facial skincare products.  Jojoba oil has a similar molecular structure to the naturally occurring sebum on our face so we aren't worrying about it clogging pores. 

Labels for Roller Bottles  My favorite Etsy shop to find cute labels for my rollers and spray bottles!

Roller Bottles Rollers allow us to mix up our favorite combos and to apply the essential oils to our skin without making a mess!

Shea Butter We use a cheese grater to break it into smaller chunks to make it easier to melt when we are making body butter

Spray Bottle and Roller Starter Pack  A combo of Rollers and Spray bottles of a variety of sizes

4 oz Spray Bottles We use this size for scalp spray, linen spray, fruit and veggie spray, etc.. 

16 oz Spray Bottles  We use this size to make our Thieves Household Cleaner (one capful) and DIY Window Cleaner

Wool Dryer Balls  Toss these in the dryer instead of dryer sheets!

What are your favorite oily accessories?  Share your links below!


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